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Customer Satisfaction is the most important for us when commencing a project. Upon completion of a project, your satisfaction continues to be a top priority.


We’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. Because of loyal customers like you, we’re exciting that Greenaus Solar is growing so fast. We thank you for choosing us.


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Most popular system size
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All the benefits of Entry:

For small medium to medium families

For those with quarterly power bill of up to $600

Includes 18-24 tier 1 solar panels

Cost from $3500.00 Inc. GST

Solar Battery
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6.6kW + 10.3kWh

Free solar power available day and night
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All the benefits of Entry:

Best suited for evening peak power users

Use the power generated by your solar system at night

Eligible for the highest feed in tariff rate available of $0.25/kWh*

Eligible for the lowest electricity price of approx $0.33/kWh*

*Conditions apply. Contact us for more details
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Say goodbye to your expensive power bills
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All the benefits of Entry:

For large families

For those with quarterly power bill of up to $1000

Includes 30-40 tier 1 solar panels

Cost from $7190.00 Inc. GST

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Up to 100kW

Speak to our commercial manager
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All the benefits of Entry:

Full Applications are included

Rich experience from countless commercial projects

High standard full installation

Payback period of generally less than 2 years

Customised system

Have no idea what sized system would be best for you? Simply give us a call!

Simply give us a call and one of our solar experts can provide you with comprehensive information about solar.
We can tailor a suitable solar system to suit your needs and your preferences.
Produce Your Own Renewable Energy and Enjoy the Savings!

Completed Projects

Every completed project by Greenaus Solar is like art work. Our premium workmanship is consistently at the top level of the solar industry and we always comply with all rules from the Clean Energy Council. 5 year workmanship warranty will give you peace in mind. One of our greatest assets is our reputation and 100% customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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Happy GREENAUS Customers
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We Offer Services Products

All of the services and products we offer are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and our customer’s satisfaction is a vital incentive for us to move forward.

Professional Teams

A residential grid connected solar system must be installed by licensed electricians. Our installers are Clean Energy Council certified so you can expect the best service from Greenaus Solar

Inspection & Design

No matter if you require a roof mounted, ground mounted or pole mounted solar system Greenaus Solar will customize to your needs. System sizes can be increased depending on your future needs .

Premium Panels

At Greenaus Solar, we will only ever supply and install premium, high quality Solar Panels which have an Australian base for any warranty claims.

High Performance Inverters

Greenaus Solar will only install quality inverters with extendable warranties which have an Australian Service Centre for fast replacements in case of any warranty issues which may arise.

Free On-site Solar Assessment

Greenaus Solar will provide you with a competitive, no obligation, free quote. Let us design a system for you that suits your needs.

Satisfacation Guarantee

At Greenaus Solar we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction from start to finish.


Clients Say

Yuncheng Jia

Professional people and group, good price. highly recommend! Perfect after-sales,don't worry about anything after signing the contract, they will coordinate everything for you. Product quality is also very good. I haven’t paid the electricity bill in a long time, and there is still a lot of balance left in the quarter after I pay the gas bill. All in all, the products they introduced to me perfectly fit my needs, it is the value for money!


Greenaus installed our solar a few months ago. The installation is good and our solar is running well. We have saved quite some money on our electricity bills already. Their customer service is also helpful. Overall, we are very satisfied with Greenaus Solar.

Wendy Deng

Good Price and nice person to talk with.

H Jimmy

Excellent products, great customer services and installations make the Adelaide No.1 pick of Solar System Provider.

Yan Rong

Great quality with good price, prompt service speed and professional attitude.

Jessica Chen

Competitive pricing and top notch service. Could not fault at all!

Lyn Zhang

Fantastic product and great service.

YiManage Li

Great service n price strongly recommend!

Tony Nguyen

Good customer service, competitive pricing, great value for money.

Yan Rong

Great quality with good price, prompt service speed and professional attitude.

Shan Li

Good service with professional and efficient team workers. Great value for money, absolutely strong recommend.

Bingxu Jin

Best service, best quality and best price ever. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Joseph Zhou

I have Greenaus guys installed my home solar panel and it turned out was an awesome job , they got to site as promised time and finished job with good quality . So later on I turned to them again for two of my commercial properties solar system , what surprised me is they are extremely knowledgeable and experienced on the commercial side of the game as well.


Excellent products and amazing customer services! They response quickly to every of my concerns and enquires. Providing professional services from inspection to installation. Greenaus solar truly concerns family needs. Best choice for solar power system!! Highly recommend!

Tuan Tran

Best price awesome products and great company to work with. Very quick and easy process. Professional workmanship. Thanks Sen and Jaime. Highly recommended A++

Jayla Lin

Had the best experience in terms of customer service and professional work. the service is incredibly reliable and exceptional! highly recommend

Stefan Peters

Great company, great service, fair price, highly experienced technical staff. Highly recommended

Shi Yuetong

Greenaus Solar offers the best service with a very friendly and expert technician. Great Experience!

Sun Manli

Very good service, will recommend to friends

Ivanov Ludwig

Great customer service from Sen, high quality product with decent price! Highly recommended!

Junqiang Wang

Professional company, friendly stuff, net installation, well organised, happy to deal with them.

huanyu wu

Good service good price. I knew them via another friend who used their product. They are very professional and answered my many questions about solar system. The system actually saves me a lot of money by cuting the electecity bill.

Lidya Pangestu

Excellent price and service! There's no hassle with installation and product is running great!

Xie Nan

Very friendly staffs, extremely competitive price, high-quality solar panel, I am very happy I made a good choice with Greenaus Solar.

Maxj Chen

Very smooth experience from inquiries to installation, do see my power bill dropped quite significantly, highly recommend.