• Would you like to receive a 6.6KW solar and 9.6KWh battery package for your home for FREE?
  • Would you like to REDUCE your electricity bill?
  • Would you like to power your home with 100% CLEAN and GREEN energy from the sun?
  • Would you like to SECURE your energy supply during blackouts?
You CAN, when you sign up with tesseract Solar Battery PPA
  • We install a solar and battery system in your home with no upfront payments, no loan repayments—it’s completely FREE of charge.
  • You pay your electricity the same as you do today and, even better, at a discounted rate.
  • The solar panels will provide 100% clean, renewable energy from your roof into your home, while the battery stores electricity and protects you from blackouts.
PPA battery

What is Solar Battery PPA?

Greenaus Solar is happy to present tesseract Solar Battery PPA!

We install a FREE solar and battery system to residential homes, and serve as an energy retailer to provide energy from this system and the grid, to the homeowners.

Homeowners will have instant saving on their electricity bills, with $0 investment. There is no need to worry about investment on return calculation, configuration choosing, system maintenance and blackouts.

PPA battery

Electricity prices have tripled in the past 20 years, sign up with our Solar Battery PPA, we can secure your energy future by guaranteeing you a fixed electricity rate for the next 5 years.

You can reduce your electricity bill and secure your energy future!

Yes, we have thousands of happy Greenaus Solar customers, and the number is growing everyday. There are still people can't get solar for various reasons.

We believe every Australian home should have rooftop solar and an equal opportunity to access and benefit from solar. Through our innovative technology and investment program, we are helping every Australian homeowner to have rooftop solar and enjoy 100% clean, renewable and affordable electricity.

PPA battery


With our Solar Battery PPA project, an intelligent EPS is added to the solar & battery system. The battery stores your solar energy for the nights or during power blackouts.


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Solar Battery PPA

Climate change is real and we all need to do our part to help reduce carbon emissions. We need to make sure we help protect our planet and provide our children with a cleaner and more stable environment to live in. While 80% of electricity in Australia is generated by burning fossil fuels, you can produce your energy using free fuel provided by the sun—no pollution, just natural and clean energy.

By signing up to our Solar Battery PPA you’ll be joining our solar community and are guaranteed to receive 100% clean, renewable energy from your rooftop solar and battery system.